Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long overdues new stash

well.. it probably wont be too new anymore..since I got all of these from my US trip on dec 2006... but I like to share it with you all :)

So here come the new knitting toys , the needle's measurement and colored crochet hook was from Beverly at San Jose's area, the ribbons and buttons were from Greenwhich (SF) :

I got the reeling machine in solvang, danish community area, on the way back to SF from LA trip. They have the wooden one, but this cheaper .. ;-)
The ribbon from JoAnn's, only US1 for this 1 full rolls... I am thinking to use it as a side trim :

And Finally I got these red heart from Michael's , the purpleish (3 skeins) belong to my mom and I am working a shawl from her a this moment (picture will be upload later), the light brownish on the top at the back (5 skeins) belongs to me.. he.. he.. he...

These lovely silky yarn on big corn are from Artfibers, the small one the "free" one when you buy about USD 100 you'll got 10% off... (that's a lot of money and making me broke! :p)

The lady there very patient and let us to play around with their yarns first before we decide to buy it. However it would be nicer if they can reduce the price too.. he.. he..Oh ya, I have the famous Flower Basket Shawl (Interweave Knit) copied from Artfibers pattern collection.. finally! Since the Fall 2004 magazine edition had ran out of stocks and dont know when they will re-print it again.
For sure .. some books and magazines : Knitting Nature, Rebecca, IK Spring 2004 and VK were from Greenwhich, Knit from Top, Lace Victorian Today from Amazon (my friend kindly allowed me to use her home address in US, so I got fast and cheaper shipping price), The Yarn Harlot 2nd book, got from Barnes and Nobbles :

I am thinking to go back to US again... for more serious yarn/fabrics/books shopping... but for sure, got to get some saving first ..Thinking about Stitches Mid West or East.. and Rhineback...hmmmmm..... Anybody want to be my buddy travel? :) I was visited Greenwich with my mom and she was almost fallen asleep in the chair.. he.. he.. he. poor her.. ;)


yuvee said...

Great stuffs! I envy you for getting to go to the States ;)

Lily said...

Wow! You got so much fun. I would love to be able to go to US and yarn shopping. The last time I went to US, I still didn't have this hobby.