Thursday, February 23, 2006

yuummmm...yuummm.. want some dessert? :)

I have to confess, I like watching people making dessert or snacks also like watching those on shelves in bakery stores, but thanks's God not really like to eat it.. he.. he.. I also love the idea of sewing. Before I knew about knitting, I like to collecting sewing patterns, mostly are clothes (I made some for craft classes back to school time, it's like a home-economic class)

If you have 2 hobbies like that, perhaps this can be a good inspirations. This calorie-free and no expired date.. ;)

I got these pictures from work-mate, no info about where it came from, but my guess, it's from japan or taiwan. Those 2 places are well known to creating something like these.. ummm... so how about having nice tea time tomorrow afternoon? (bring your yarn and needles and hooks too! ) :)


Dipsy D. said...

So, all these adorable desserts were made out of fabric, sewed together? That's absolutely amazing, I can't get enough of looking at these objects! How absolutely wonderful! And what a great thing being able to enjoy all those goodies without gaining any weight!
Best wishes from Austria!

Annapuh said...

Wow! Those are neat! I get the urge of chocholate :o)