Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sneak peak from my 2005 trip (more yarns!!) - part 2

some pictures from my trips to japan and singapore end of year 2005. if you are knitter that have seen knitting bok from japan, you probably familiar with puppy yarn. while i was there, this store was one of the "must visit" yarn store.
the store is very nice, large collection, from cheap to novelty yarn, but other than the yarn i like their logo too...the puppy playing with skein (that's why they called their store puppyyarn..i think... :p)

the closer look of the cute puppy!!

and here are the result from my Japan S.E.X (Stash Enrichment Xperience) trips :

the green one i got from a supermarket near Fukiage (i think it's called itoya), the small city about 1 hour 30 min by train from Shinkoiwa-Tokyo. My friend (I called her Auntie Kim Soan since she much older than me but younger than my mom) brought me there since she knew that this trip theme was "hunting the yarn store". So, when i was there, the have the fukubukuro, it's like boxing-day sale. She the one who seen this yarn first on the shelves. Can you guess the price? It's 1000 Yen (one thousand yen for 10 skeins for 1 package)!!!! Each skein is about 84m, suggested needle 6-8 (japan size, or about 3.25 - 4.5 mm). But should buy 1 package, there's only left 3 colors green, blue and pink. i choose the green (look like sage green for me). Materials is 70% wool and 30% acrylic.

the white - boboli yarn were from puppy yarn also the purple mohair from filature di crosa. for the boboli yarn, the store owner gave me free shawl pattern!! yippe!!

and these are from Golden Dragon Singapore on my 2nd visit from 4 days I stayed. The white skein and red-black yarn are brand from Greece, which hard to speeling. But based on my new-friend, Wendy from singapore-knitters, those yarn are one of her fave too because it's nice to knit, not piling and have great length and economic price. The Breeze Sirdar are also her fave too :) Same here Wendy!! :)

dont asked me the damage cost from this yarn's a lot but i love it!! :-)

here are the cushion cover i made before i went to japan. made from kitchen cotton thread and i dyed it myself for the blue color using dylon. it turn out like baby blue when i use cotton, but it would turn brighter when i use acrylic.

this was also my first attempt working on granny squares (yes people it's crocheted..) and using crochet needle to assembly the square... not too bad.

and now I am working on this. Using Schachenmayr Catania 100% cotton, dark brown, on 3.25 mm inox circular. The pattern is from Let's Knit Series - Spring Summer 2005.

This also my first attempt working circular. I am starting from half way up. and now reach the row to shape the armhole. I put on hold for awhile since I need to make some calculations since the gauge is different between the real pattern and yarn I am using and feel too lazy to do the maths.. :-p

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erin said...

lovely yarn. Sirdar Breeze is my favourite cotton blend yarn, it knits up very nicely. I knitted this top you are working on. You can see it here: