Tuesday, May 24, 2005

learn to knit and crochet

what to say, umm.. what to write...just started my blog dedicated to my new addict which related with crochet and knit. before i can do knit and crochet, back to my childhoold moments, sometimes I saw a bunch of mom who waiting for their kids in school do the crochet and knit...seeing how 2 needles or 1 hook playing in their hand, i was too shy to approached them and ask about it.

in my country, back 20-30 years ago, it is not common to have a knit or crochet class. it is something that you learn from your friends, so it's like an exclusive group.

thanks to the internet and my bro, he found about learn knit and crochet on the websites. With our limited english, we collected lots of info about knit and crochet, we should thanks to www.learntocrochet.com , www.learntoknit.com and www.stitchguide.com also yahoo and google, and all virtual teachers and buddies who very kind to share their knowledges.

my first needles was made from cheap bamboo satay sticks, actually this was my bro's idea. we put some paper wrapped in the one point and ta da... i have about 3 pairs needles that i think it close to 2 - 2.5 mm needles. then we using kitchen cotton thread, then learnt to cast on, knit, purl, bind off...later i found out that the methode we learnt was english.

to make stories short, in these 3 years, i already made some shawls, bags, hats, cardigan, vests both crochet and knit, and now trying to finish my first doily.

as for my bro, he prefered crochet than knit, since it quicker :-)

will take some pictures to share with you and feel free to drop comments :)


Sedie said...

Congratulations on your new blog! It will be a fun learning experience for you! I look forward to more.

tanti said...

Hi Sedie,
thanks for your signed.