Thursday, May 26, 2005

lavender cardigan and green tshirt

currently i am working on cardigan and t-shirt. the cardigan is using yarn from schachenmayr Princess and the t-shirt is light green. usually i am doing monogamy project, but this time want to make these 2 in the same time.

i already finished the cardigan project, however when i am sewn it all together, it feels not right. so i am frogged (*rip it rip it) , find new model and start from all over again.

as for the green t-shirt, it using cotton yarn from japan, i bought it few years ago about 15 balls. already finished a cabled cardigan and still left me 5 balls.. so i want to make something to match the green cabled cardigan.

and guess what, i seen the shawl pattern from solutia that soon will closed their site (by september 15, 2005) which is very beautiful and unique... perhaps i will play triple this time.. :-)

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Great blog Dear...wonderful story.