Sunday, December 25, 2011

A year without a note

When I looked back the last date I blogged, it is about a year already! It does not meant I was not knitting at all. I have finished a tablecloth, a mittens, a shawl and 2 hats.

I have quite major life changing in mid 2011 and it did effect to my knit and crochet time. But hopefully I will get my knitting and crochet mojo back, as I miss this creating process a lot.

There are some knitting projects that I would like to include in my wish-to-knit-list, such as:
1. Sporto (a hoodie sweater) from Knitty Winter 2011
2. Emmaline (short-sleeved sweater) from Knitty Spring Summer 2010
3. Cathode (short-sleeved sweater) from Knitty Winter 2004
4. Joannie (sweater) from Knitty Winter 2011 (note: seem need to tweak on the sleeve)
5. Cardiff Coat (Jacket) from Interweave Knits Fall 2011
6. Dahlia Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2011
7. Magellan Cardigan from Interweave Winter 2011
8. Meriwether Wrap from Interweave Winter 2011
9. Summit Shawl from Knitty Spring Summer 2010
10. Quercus Cardigan from Knitty Fall 2011
11. Shapely boyfriend Cardigan from Knitty Fall 2011

There are some other projects from Let's Knit Series Books and Ravelry too, but now I am too lazy to pick it up and list those projects here ;)

If you have interesting top-down projects to knit/crochet, please share! Thank you! :-)

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