Thursday, July 26, 2007

back from my corner

Back to my knitting blog again!! I really missing my blog a lot! I have some things that caused me could not get online as often as before, but 2 top excuses were first was the network connection and second is workload.
As for workload I could not do much, just work as best as I could, and tried to not let the tiredness came between me and my knitting however I could only manage to take off my needles and yarns from the bag on weekend.
The really main reason was the network connection, because I am using dial up means I was had a single access to web world on my phone line at home using the govt telco company. Then suddenly it was weaker. I was had talked with the internet provider company few times and checked my compie many times without good explanation why my connection dropped dead.
Then series called with the Telco company started from their customer service till their branch which provide the line to my area. Turned out that their circuit (or something like that) was broken down as the result of the huge flood last January.

Cut this short, now I am using new telco operator and even the price is slighly higher than the other one, but speed is much better.

So, back to my knitting, during no-blogging time, I had finished 3 projects, 2 knitted and 1 crocheted. The knitted was the my mom's square shawl, the other one was pillow cover. The crocheted was my sis' vest.

Picture will post soon.. i think something wrong with the net tonight.

Currently I am working the Brea from berroco... it's looking great so far :-) Easy pattern, nice result too :) I have finished the front and back parts and now working for the Gusset part.

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