Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome 2007 and Icarus

It's almost 2 months past that I had absent from blog world. As addition for the classic excuses (busy at work), also I was busy prepared for my trip to US at december 2006 with my mom.

Before my trip to US, I worked on Icarus Shaw by Miriam Feltonl from Interweave Summer 2006, using fingering weight yarn. I forgot the brand here, but it was from China, color chili red.

I did not know what material of this yarn first, so I did some test with bleaching. I cut small thread then put it on the bleaching liquid. The yarn slowly disappeared, that means it made from protein based, so my guess that this yarn 100% wool.

Icarus pattern really nice to work with. As far as I remembered I only 2-3 times tinking because I made few mistakes. The yarn also help too, it very light, smoothly sliding on my inox 3.5 mm circular needle.

This shawl was started in first week of December 2006, even though I knitted as much as my fingers can do the knits and purls stitches, I picked it up again after I left it for 2 weeks from my trip and finished in the January 14th 2007.

Before block the size was around 70 cms (length) x 50 cms (height)

After blocked it grown to 219 cms (length) x 113 cms (height), and I am very happy with it even though there are few uneven stitches. Total yarn I used 2 2/3 balls around 60 grams (each balls is 25 grams).

So this project was the last project in 2006 and first finished one in 2007.

I will post more about my trip and all the S.E.X (yarns and books) from my US trip, at this moment I present my Icarus shawl :

just off the neddle - before block

Drying Process - only takes like 10 minutes!

Blocking process - about 3 hours

After weave-in all ends, time to show off :)

It was like 32 degress celcius that time and I almost melted.. he.. he..

Btw, I had been tagged by Cyn .. will answer it in the next post :-)


Lily said...

WOW! Your Icarus looks very smashing. I love the color and the size is perfect for a shawl.

tanti said...

Hi Lily,
thanks ;-) I like the color too.. the red is perfect bright red that perfect for me :)