Tuesday, March 14, 2006

lace like wave

i was browsed around on bloggers' world and when i dropped by at eunny's .. i must gave my 2 thumbs up for her.

she really great knitter and generous to share her great knitting knowledge with us. she wrote about steeks, which is i am still not dare to try, first the real wool yarn is very expensive here and 2nd and the most important, i am not dare to reach my scicors and cutting the expensive yarn .. he.. he.. then i saw that she also share a great wave lace shawl. this is kind like shetland's lace that i always want to make. her pattern called "PRINT O'WAVE" shawl.
after downloaded the pattern (she already make the pattern in pdf file), i am back to my LYS (which not a really local since it about 20-30 kms from my house.. he.. he..) and checked for the suitable yarn.

so, the LYS have new yarn which just arrived and still in the FEDEX box... it's nylon and the owner already warned me that this yarn would be very very very easy to split out and dont even dare try to crochet this yarn (sorry crocheters...) but the colors are really lovely. for me i choose this : the champagne color. the yarn is KATIA sevilla. with good yardage (137 yards or 125 meters per 50 grs). using inox circular (got to buy new one 2 1/2 cms with 40 cms length).

while i do provisional cast on the yarn already split up and easily dropped (umm...not sure what is the word in english) but it fell all over from the cones...*sigh*

but i keep casted on (i am using the acrylic thread, the one that i dyed using dylon coloring powder)... and without much longer i already finished the 1st repeat (each repeat is 12 rows).

but on the row 20, i made mistake and got to frogged... and guess what.... it's splitted very badly that i really want to cry... but on the other hand.. i really like the color.. so i decided... i should keep going.. so... i have finished the 3rd repeat.

i already put the sleeves for my pink sweater too and now working on the neck... at this moment no pict yet... i want to frogged the sleeves (for 3rd times) since i found it not too fit with the armholes... ummmm... if i can finish this, could this become my finished project for march project spectrum ? :p

btw, if you want to join project spectrum, please check lolly's blog for better explanation. the point is you can do anything craft work you like (knit, crochet, sew, dye, weave, spin, cross-stitch, even painting - though i wonder what kind of painting that consist only max 2 colors.. he.. he.. ). the best thing that this project is no pressure.. no deadline projects..so... come one drop by and join :)

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